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Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 way to learn affiliate marketing.  This post is part 2 of the review of my experiences with Wealthy Affiliate (“WA”).  Just as the first post focused on the WA Community, in this, I will focus entirely on the Training Resources available to every member.  I hope you will be convinced to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate after reading this article.

To make money online (“MMO”), there is much to learn. Unless you have worked for a while in this industry, everything you hear and see is going to be new and require some learning. I look back on the past 7 months, and can’t believe how much I know now that I had never heard of before then. In this business you don’t just “learn something new every day”; you learn many new things every day.

Quality and Quantity

The amount, quality, and diversity of the training resources of WA are extraordinary. There are comprehensive multi-level, multi-lesson training programs created by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. WA provides many training courses on specific topics. The owners created many of the courses, but top members of WA also create high-quality lessons.  They also provide many single-lesson classes on special topics. These can be written and published by any member at WA. If your goal is to learn affiliate marketing, WA is your best choice.

All Types of Training Help Us Learn Affiliate Marketing

In spite of all that I’ve learned, there is still much more to go. And WA has training for every aspect of MMO. For example, everyone is encouraged to complete either the Online Entrepreneur Certification (“OEC”) or the Affiliate Bootcamp (Bootcamp”).

Both of these training programs are well-planned and carefully designed to be an organized step-by-step approach to build not just a good website, but a successful business that can produce income for the rest of your life. And you could also sell the business outright or pass it down to your children and grandchildren.

Not Just Quantity – Quality is World-class

These aren’t just easy fill-in-the-blank style courses. They are intensive as they guide you to build a business from scratch.  You will write a lot as you learn.  But this is one of the best parts of the training. As you learn, you are using what you write as content for your website.  The articles you write are specific to your selected niche.

By the time you complete these programs, you will have a website with many posts written during training. Likely, your website is already getting significant traffic and producing income before you complete the program.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (“OEC”)

OEC is a 50-lesson training program.  It was designed to take a person with absolutely no knowledge of MMO and teach them to create and grow a business within any niche that they want.  By the end of the first 10 lessons, I selected my niche, created my website, with quite a few “bells and whistles”, and produced several 1,000+ word blogs.

Take a look at the lesson titles. Lesson 2 is why you are investigating this business. Can the average Joe make significant money online? Lesson 2 teaches you how. It describes many ways to accomplish this – not just affiliate marketing. Lesson 3 helps you understand and choose a profitable niche. The training also explains what a niche is and how you select a good one.

In lessons 4-6 you will build your website and start filling it with your excellent content. There is a lot to this process, which is why it needs 3 lessons. And the last lessons of Level 1 introduce very important key principles – Content, Menus, and finally Understanding Keywords.

This is a screen capture of Level 1 of the OEC. It is well thought out and planned to help you establish not just a website, but a seriously profitable business for the long-term.

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a 70-lesson program that also teaches you how to build an online business. In the beginning, the Bootcamp includes some of the same training as the EOC. Building a website, understanding the importance of keywords and how to research and find the best ones are important aspects of any MMO business regardless of the niche.  The Bootcamp, however, is focused on only 1 niche – the business of promoting Wealthy Affiliate. 

Learn Affiliate Marketing and how to effectively promote Wealthy Affiliate with the Affiliate BootCamp Training
Learn Affiliate Marketing and how to effectively promote Wealthy Affiliate with the Affiliate BootCamp Training

That in no way implies that it is easy. Building a successful business in this industry takes a lot of work. The Affiliate Bootcamp is more targeted than the OEC simply because of its focus on one niche.  And this niche requires reviews of Wealthy Affiliate as well as competing providers. It is important to know all the reasons why WA is superior to other products.

Why Train For Only 1 Niche?

Why training specifically for this one niche?  The reason is easy to understand. WA has worldwide appeal and has one of the most lucrative “recurring” affiliate programs on the planet. There are about 3.5 billion people with access to high-speed internet service. And this number increases every day.  Virtually all of them could benefit from learning how to create an online business. 

Kyle and Carson, the owners of WA, therefore, have a big interest in encouraging the promotion of their business. They make it very financially rewarding to those who can successfully recruit new members. Like the EOC, the Bootcamp training program is designed to take a person with little knowledge about MMO and help them create a very successful business that can literally make money while they sleep.

Shorter Training Courses on Specific Subjects

In addition to the above programs, there are many more lessons and courses about every topic. 

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc) is a very hot topic now, and everyone wants to know how to make money using these sites. And there is a ton of training in this area. 
  • Your website is a critical component of your business, and WA has many experts who give of themselves to create training on plug-ins, SEO, website speed, and many “How-To” lessons. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what many of these terms mean; you will!) These are just a few of hundreds of topics for which training exists on Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is an important factor in helping people find your content. It is all about finding and properly building content around “keywords”. These are simply words or phrases people enter into Google or another search engine to find information that interests them. Finding the best “low-competition” keywords is crucial to your success. Therefore, there are many lessons available on keyword research.
  • The popular saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer than in communicating on your website. Selecting and presenting just the right image gets a lot of attention in the WA training.
  • And of course, the number one question on everyone’s mind is “How do I make money online?” This is a subject that receives a lot of attention in all the different types of training available in Wealthy Affiliate.

Live Presentations

Each week, Jay Neill “magistudios” gives a live presentation on current topics of high interest in the MMO industry. These are a key element of the WA training program.  They are hugely popular because of the live Q&A at the end of each session.

But these aren’t the only contributions by Jay. According to his profile, since he joined WA in 2007, he has presented 355 training courses. He has also written 229 blogs. These blogs are a source of additional training for WA members.

Live Training Sessions about the hottest topics in our industry presented by Jay "Magistudios" Neill.
Live Training Sessions about the hottest topics in our industry presented by Jay “Magistudios” Neill.

In the past few weeks, his live presentations have included sessions on YouTube marketing, creating, and uploading YouTube videos to your website, SEO checklists, and the new Google Search Console and Google Analytics. In past years, he has also presented training on popular tools like Canva, helping to find lucrative Affiliate programs, Woocommerce, and all aspects of internet marketing.  He brings special insights to developing and improving your website, and even how to host your own webinar.


From the moment you become a member, you will have access to all the training you need to become highly successful. And there is more and more being added each month. And that’s good because you will be learning for the rest of your life. You can learn affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. It is totally up to you!

Thanks for your kind attention. Please add a comment to ask any questions or continue the discussion. And you may have noticed several opportunities for you to join Wealthy Affiliate. Please seriously consider joining me with either a starter or premium membership.

Steve Tuggle

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14 thoughts on “#1 Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Steve, a truly excellent post. I had been blowing hot and cold on the idea of signing up for a good while. Out of all the online training programs I’ve been researching, I must say that WA seems the most honest, the most complete and the most current MMO training platform out there.

    I’m so glad I signed up, it wasn’t long at all until I had my OWN website! Me, with my own online business! I never thought I would see the day.

    I’ve been at WA for a little under a month. I now know how to publish posts, edit photos, do keyword research and so much more. Things really do move on fast.

    When I first signed up I thought I would try and complete one lesson per night after work, as it turns out I can’t get enough! I’m blasting through it. As you said, Magistudios’ live training is priceless. I’ve not come across anything yet that I’ve not been able to find the answer to at WA.

    Its perfect!

    • Really great to hear from one of our newer members.  You have learned very quickly, and I think many of my readers will likely move quickly through the training while building their business.

      Hoping for your great success.

  2. I had a whirlwind of thoughts while reading your excellent outline of the Wealthy Affiliate training. The courses are comprehensive and I often review the individual lessons, in order to improve my sites.
    I spent three years building and earning some money from my first blog, with very little training. Stumbling in the dark, in other words.
    Now I have a few sites I am developing, which were so fast to put together for the basic elements, with the advantage of being a member of WA.
    So my thoughts got a bit hung up on elements you mentioned as I realized there is so much I need to revisit and keep improving on the quality of my blogs.
    I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is serious about building a business with a blog!

    • Dianne, thanks for your really nice comments.  Yes, there are so many elements to the training here at WA. 

      I also read your profile, and I’m impressed with all your history with this business.  Keep it up!

  3. That zig ziglar quote you have there is spot on! I agree, if you can genuinely help other people it will benefit you in the long run. I agree the most important part of affiliate marketing is content creation and writing, – but oh! it is also the HARDEST part! I am a single mom, with only pockets of available time at the computer ( while my son is napping ) so once I have a window of opportunity to work on my laptop for say…. 3 hours TOPS, I have to choose one activity to focus on, and not get wrapped up into checking emails, social media or reading other blogs for the sake of entertainment – the key is that you need to FOCUS to get things done. With only pockets of time, you need to be efficient. I learned the hard way. What should have taken 8 months to achieve, took me two years just because I kept lollygagging. So my advice is to stay on track, make lists of what needs to be done and each pocket of time you get – focus on ONE task on the list, maybe TWO ( if you get the first task done ) because if you keep multitasking, jumping from reading the training and learning lessons, to writing content, to responding to comments, to updating your Facebook group attached to your website, etc…. it gets really overwhelming I will tell you that. It gets really confusing too if you don’t stay on track with the training and make sure you do each of the required assignments. One thing that always gets me caught up is the chatroom at Wealthy Affiliate. While there is alot of great advice to be passed around there, it is a time sucker and most of the time I find that I am not being efficient. I guess what I am trying to say is that being successful with internet marketing doesn’t just come from reading the HOW TO its actually DOING it, over and over again until you start to see little bits of success here and there. 

    • Thank you, Sophia.  You definitely have your hands full.  Fortunately, I and many of my readers have more free time.  This allows us to work a few hours per day on our business at a more relaxed pace.

      And thanks for the comment about Zig.  He was awesome!

  4. Hi Steve, I can endorse the fact that training at WA is the biggest plus for me. When I started my online business, my fear was that I might not be able to manage all the technical processes needed . The certification course, the Friday training with Jay and the affiliate marketing boot camp are practical and easy to navigate. Of course I am still learning but I am so much more confident now because there is always a lot of support when I need it, and a lot of different ways to earn, while developing my skills. Thank you for reminding me of a few special resources within WA

    • Thank you, Joy, and I also wish you much success with your site.  I appreciate your support of my points about the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. I’ve already completed the OEC and I can attest that I’ve learned far more in the few months I undertook the training than anywhere else in my two-plus years of researching blogging and internet marketing. I’m currently on the affiliate bootcamp and will be learning some more valuable information today; I’m only on like the 12th lesson of 70, so there’s still ways to go, but I can’t wait to see what else I can unlock here at WA. 

    • Hey Todd.  Congrats on your tenacity; I’m sure it has been rewarded.  Great comment.  I appreciate the support of the training in this article.  Good luck with your business.

  6. Hi Steve,

    I have enjoyed reading about your adventure traveling and living in Central America and South America. It sounds like you and your wife are having the best time of your life. Congratulations!

    I like that you are helping others, it is so important to share great opportunities so those searching for the right affiliate marketing education to find a great company that will provide excellent training to start an online business. It is a fantastic time that we live in, and the Internet makes it so much easier to communicate and bring the best resources to others. I like your review as it shares a very detailed overview of Wealthy Affiliate and what they provide when someone becomes a member.

    I wish you the very best for your business and hope you keep having fun traveling alongside with your lovely wife.

    Kind regards,


    • Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments. Yes, we are definitely enjoying our adventure. We love Medellin, so we will probably stay for many years. And we are involved in establishing the first English-speaking Christian Church – Grace Church Medellin, and that is keeping us busy as well as my work on Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. I’m so happy you shared this information! I’ve researched so many different programs and this one is by far the best one I’ve come across. Others I’ve seen offer a few tools and possibly some articles or emails that are free to use however, I’ve never seen a step by step program like this one with such in depth training and support. I am definitely going to check out Wealthy Affiliate – thanks so much!

    • Thanks, Shannon for your thoughtful comment. And I hope you noticed the couple of comments I left on your terrific site.


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