Boomer Retirement Income – Is It Enough?

“Baby Boomers” are reaching retirement age at the frightening rate of 10,000 per day!  And that rate is expected to continue for many more years.  This presents lots of questions in many categories.  But if this is your situation, then your biggest concerns are “Will my boomer retirement income provide enough to live comfortably?”  “And have I/we saved enough for retirement?”  In addition to those, I will ask one more – “Are you ready for the massive changes in lifestyle once you quit working?”

Statistics suggest the answer to these questions for the average boomer is a resounding NO!  Their income will not be nearly enough to cover estimated living costs.  And their savings won’t provide enough additional income to make up the shortfall.  There are many reasons for not being able to save for retirement, and we have been through lots of them.  Our personal experience has shown that many people will be unpleasantly surprised upon retirement. You see, we retired 3 1/2 years ago and have been adjusting ourselves to this situation ever since.  Fortunately, we have found some excellent solutions.

How much does Social Security pay?

Unless both husband and wife had high-paying jobs for many years, the average couple will receive less than $2,500 per month.  And that is the gross amount before withholding.  Let’s look at what that has to cover.

Healthcare Costs

Medicare Part A is provided by the government.  Medicare Part B is not free.  It costs about $135 per month per person and is withheld automatically from each monthly retirement check.  In addition, most retirees purchase supplemental insurance to cover the deductibles and what Medicare doesn’t cover.  That will cost another $100 per month per person.  So you are paying almost $500 per month for healthcare even if you never get sick.

Housing Costs

Maybe you are one of the more fortunate couples who paid off their house.  If so, kudos to you.  Now your housing costs only include taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA fees, maid service, lawn service, tree service, pest control, and all those weekly trips to Home Depot or Lowe’s.  The total will take at least half of whatever is left of your SS check.  And I bet you were planning to play golf every day or travel to all those romantic destinations you have heard about.  That’s not going to happen on Social Security alone.

Transportation Costs

If you still live in your same home, then you also probably need at least 1 car.  And most likely, you need 2 (or maybe even 3) if one or more of your children or grandchildren are still living with you.  At the very least, those cars cost you gas, oil, maintenance, and insurance.  And since we are concerned with every expense, let’s not forget the annual license fee and tax.

Other Personal Living Expenses

Groceries, clothing, and expenses for major appliances, and electronics are not even added in as an amount in these expenses.  Neither are monies for social events, gifts, entertainment, travel, dining out, and so many more.  

What about our Savings?

If you are one of the lucky few, you saved a ton of money and you will make several thousand per month in interest, dividends, gains, etc.  So that might get you part of the way to covering all your personal expenses.  But most likely you will also have to tighten your belt a little and find creative ways to reduce expenses.  Of course, that doesn’t sound exciting.

Boomer Retirement Income Is Not Enough - Make Money Online With a Laptop and Wifi.
Making money online is great because you can do it from anywhere with just a laptop and wifi.

Boomer retirement income Isn’t Enough.  Most Boomers need more.

You need a job!  Actually, you don’t need or want a job.  You just want and need more monthly income.  But you really don’t want to keep working, and commuting, right?  If you get back to the grind of working full-time, can you really see a time when you will ever catch up?  You’d like to make that extra money without leaving the comfort of your home; in your spare time.  And actually, you can!

Hundreds of Millions of people all over the world are making money online.  Think about your own lifestyle.  How much stuff do you buy online?  And where do you go to find out the best products to buy?  Of course, you go to Google, or Bing, or Yahoo.  Or like many people, you just go straight to Amazon.  Millions of people do the exact same thing.

Sounds Great.  But Why Would Anyone Pay Me?

Let me ask you the $64,000 question.  What if you could insert yourself between the buyer and seller and get a small piece of thousands of those transactions?  Would the buyer have to pay any more?  No.  Is the seller worse off because he had to pay you a small commission?  They certainly don’t think so.  Producers the world over are signing up as many people as they can as fast as they can to send them customers.

So who is hurt?  No one.  And who benefits?  Little old you.  And how did you accomplish that?  You wrote an article about the benefits of that product and posted it on your website.  You recommended that your readers buy that product and you gave them a link to where they could buy.  That link contained information that identified you as the source of the referral.  When your reader buys, everything is handled automatically, and soon you see more money in your bank account.  That my friend is “Affiliate Marketing”.

Write an Article?  My Website?  How Do I Learn All That?

I did what I just told you to do.  I wrote this article.  And you are visiting my website.  And 7 months ago, I didn’t know the answers to those questions either.  That is when I decided to check out and ultimately become a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  And this is the link you can click to become a part of the best way to learn and build an online business.  And that is your first step toward creating the income you need.

Elsewhere on my site, I’ve written several articles telling what I have learned about Wealthy Affiliate.

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You Can Start For Free!

This may sound too good to be true but hang with me for a few more minutes.  Wealthy Affiliate has what they call a “Starter Membership”.  It is totally free.  They don’t ask for your credit card information, and there is no time limit.  And people build professional-looking websites and actually start to make some money while still a starter member.  But as you learn and see all that is available, you will realize how much more you can make and how many more resources are there for you to use and take advantage of as a “Premium Member”.  You will also, like many of us, understand that the value of Premium Membership far outweighs the cost.  The following table compares the two memberships.

*See the comment below this table for an exciting discount from the monthly cost.*

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My Recommendation

I highly recommend you click one of the above links and start your membership today.  My personal experience has been awesome.  At the end of 2018, I had very little knowledge about any of this.  But as you can see, my website is taking shape, I’m adding quality content, learning many new things every day, and I’m getting closer to making money from home.  My original goal was to be making money within 1 year, which will be Thanksgiving 2019.  But I honestly believe I will beat that goal, and I’m doing everything the training recommends.

Click the link, sign up and as my favorite speaker, Zig Ziglar used to say,

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Steve Tuggle

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