What Should I Do When I Retire?

What Shoild I Do When I Retire? Hammock on a Beautiful Beach

Lots of Opinions – Which Ideas Make Sense? While I was researching new ideas for blog posts, I came across this keyword phrase – What should I do when I retire?  Since it is so close to home (I’ve been retired since January 2016), I wanted to see what others thought.  After reading several articles, …

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Make Money Retired! (Age Ain’t Important.)

Make Money Retired - Chicago Skyline

Today, while searching for a good photo related to my website, Make Money Retired, I found this beautiful skyline of Chicago.  Not sure if the building in the background is still called the Sears Tower, but Chicago is permanently linked to business and making money.  My hometown of Houston is still the 4th largest city …

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Starting A Blog For Beginners – For Fun And Profit

Starting a Blog For Beginners - Perfect work setup

You would have to be Rumpelstiltskin to not have heard the term “blog” or “blogging”.  It seems like everyone is doing it and everyone is talking about it.  So why should I be interested in reading about starting a blog for beginners?  Why all the hoopla about blogging?  Isn’t it just writing?  Weren’t we finished …

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