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Today, while searching for a good photo related to my website, Make Money Retired, I found this beautiful skyline of Chicago.  Not sure if the building in the background is still called the Sears Tower, but Chicago is permanently linked to business and making money.  My hometown of Houston is still the 4th largest city in America, right behind Chicago.  I thought we would for sure pass them many years ago, but they keep battling.  Why?  Because that is what business is all about – finding a way to get the job done and help our customers get what they want.

Paulette and I are natives of Houston, Texas and we retired at the end of 2015.  After living in Latin America for almost 2 1/2 years, on May 2, 2018, we arrived at our current new high-rise apartment home in beautiful Medellin, Colombia.  A few months ago, we celebrated our first anniversary in our new hometown and we took a trip to explore more of this incredible country.  We are still US citizens and will never give that up.  But it is very easy to live our retired life outside the USA and get the best of both situations.  And we could not be happier. 

Isn’t Medellin the home of Pablo Escobar?  Are you safe?

When Americans hear the name Medellin, many immediately think of the notorious Pablo Escobar, drug cartels, and Cocaine Wars.  But Medellin today bears almost no resemblance to the Medellin of that era.  Pablo Escobar was killed over 26 years ago, and the drug organizations were dismantled soon after.  Today, Medellin is a thriving, beautiful city of nearly 3 million people.

My Sunday Walk in Poblado

Every Sunday, the city shuts down the southbound side of Poblado Avenue, which is usually one of the busiest streets here.  This allows all the residents to bring kids, dogs, bicycles, and skates, or just walk and enjoy our always Spring-like weather.  As far as retirement activities go, this is one of my favorites.  And it is the best way to meet other English-speakers in this very large, friendly and beautiful city.  

Feeling very comfortable and safe, we walk a lot and take buses and the Metro Train all over the city.  We have fabulous restaurants with every conceivable type of food.  Life is pretty good, and we highly recommend a visit.  But be careful, you may choose to never leave. 

Why Create a Website Called Make Money Retired?

We retired over 3 years ago, and we have learned a great deal about the subject.  Like many of our fellow retirees, we did not have anything resembling substantial retirement savings.  So we had two choices – continue working, or figure out a better solution.  Fortunately, we didn’t give up.  We kept working to find solutions, and now we have a terrific life.  And we also are enjoying the best relationship we have had in 43 years together.

Part of the solution was to learn how to reduce our expenses and live for less.  We accomplished that by moving outside the USA.  Our cost of living here in Medellin is about 1/4 the cost of living in Houston, Texas and 1/5 that of New York City.  And please don’t feel sorry for us.  Medellin is called the “City of Eternal Spring”.  At an elevation of 5,000 feet, our temperatures year-round fall between 60-80 degrees.  That is every day, 365 days a year.

The reason for the blog is that we have found a wonderful way to supplement our Social Security and have a very comfortable retirement lifestyle.  We work from our apartment, using our laptops and smartphones, sharing what we have learned to help as many others as possible enjoy their retirement and stop working at their ordinary jobs.

Make Money Retired – Isn’t that technically working?

Yes, in a sense, it is still working.  But just look at the differences:

  • No boss,
  • No commute,
  • Wear what you like,
  • Write about things that are important to you,
  • Take breaks when you need to, and if the break lasts an hour or two, that is okay too. 
  • And do it when you want and where you want.  

I’d say that is quite a bit different from your last job.  But can you really make money retired?  I’m sure you completely agree with me that age has nothing to do with it.  We all have decades of experience. If you have lived into your 60s you have skills, experiences, knowledge, and understanding that younger people don’t and won’t have for many years. 

What is the Game Plan?

But even with all that, how do we at this stage in our lives create an income stream that is significant enough to supplement our existing retirement income?  And how long can the income stream last?

For the past seven months, I have been working and learning how to make money with a blog.  Blogging is relatively easy to understand, but to really be successful for the long term, it takes lots of time to learn all the new concepts and processes.  Seven months ago, I had never built a website.  Now I have 3.  I had also never written anything for the web other than a 2-3 paragraph Facebook comment.  After just 7 months, I have published over 40,000 words on my blogs.  And I am no professional writer.  I was one of those boring CPAs before I retired at the end of 2015.

How long it can last depends on the choices we make as to the “niche” we select, our “target audience”, the timeliness and quality of our posts and the popularity and longevity of the products we promote.  Some posts can produce income for many years as long as people are still searching for the information we provided.  That type of content is known as “evergreen” because it never loses its ability to attract readers.

If you want to make money retired, here is how you start:

  1. Decide what you want to write about (your “niche”),
  2. Decide who you want to write to (your “target market“),
  3. Find a really great “dot-com” domain name, and
  4. Build a professional-looking website.   

What’s a “niche”?  And How do I Select a Good One?

Kyle, a co-founder of the company I chose to work with defines “Niche” like this – “A niche is a bunch of people looking for stuff”.  That may sound funny, but it is a very profound statement.  When you head to Google to search for information, solutions, or a product, what do you do?  You type in a word or a phrase and up pops a list of thousands of responses.  If you get too many unrelated replies, you might type another phrase or just add a few words to your first search.  Maybe it will take a number of tries, but eventually, you will find what you are looking for.

With billions of people searching Google and the other search engines, every day, it should not surprise you that there are many other people around the world looking for the same thing you are looking for.  And Google keeps track of all these searches, not to invade your privacy, but to tell producers and advertisers what their customers are looking for and how many potential customers they have.

You select your niche by analyzing this information in areas in which you are interested and have the experience, looking for related products, and also learning about the amount and quality of your competition.  Don’t make it too broad, but make it within a market with many potential customers and products.

Wow, That Sounds Really Complicated! Is There A Lot More To Do?

I agree this may sound complicated.  But for me, it was much more about learning new terms and processes than being hard.  Remember there are more than over 500 Million blogs published on the web.  It can’t be that difficult.

I’m Interested.  How Do I Find Out More?

Great, and welcome to blogging.  The company I chose to work with is Wealthy Affiliate.  When I joined I was a little apprehensive, so I can understand how you feel.  But after 7 months, I can honestly tell you that the value of what you get with your membership really does far outweigh the cost.  Check out these features: 

You are starting a small business

It’s not just something to do.  It is very important.  Kyle, Carson, and the entire staff take making sure you succeed very seriously.

Training is World Class

The training provided is well thought out and of the highest quality.  There are two comprehensive courses to start.  One has 50 lessons and the other has 70.  By the time you finish either, you will have a professional-looking website with lots of content and many daily visitors.  You will probably already be making at least a little money.

Website Building and Hosting

The tools and help available to acquire a domain name and build a beautiful website are amazing.  The Starter Membership (discussed later) includes two completely free websites.  I currently am working on 3, and I might have bitten off more than I can chew.  And membership includes hosting your websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

I can’t say enough about the help and encouragement I get from the Wealthy Affiliate Community.  There are thousands of members online practically every minute, and if you need help or want to make an announcement, you just post and many people will respond.  They have helped me so many times, I don’t know what I would do without them.

Jaaxy for Keyword Research and Lots More

Next is the greatest keyword search tool available anywhere on the internet.  Do you remember all those searches we talked about earlier?  Jaaxy, owned by Wealthy Affiliate can tell you lots of information about any keyword ever typed into Google.  It is an amazing help in knowing what to write about, and exactly how to arrange your title to attract the most potential searches.  Getting ranked by Google is the key to generating traffic to your site.  And traffic is what pays the bills.

24/7 Support Including Access to the Owners

And finally, you have access to the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate.  Kyle and Carson are around nearly every day.  You can message them or look up what they have written on any subject.  In addition to that, Wealthy Affiliate provides 24/7 help support for anything related to your website.  A website that isn’t working for some reason is losing traffic.  They definitely will work to solve any problem at any time.



There is much more I could tell you, but the following table shows all of the benefits of the Starter and Premium Memberships.  And paying on an annual basis is a much better deal once you decide to go for it.  

So at 67 years old, I have embarked on a brand new career.  And as you can see from where I live, you really can do this business from anywhere in the world.  The old saying was “you learn something new every day”. But in this business, I learn many new things every day. 

I’ve given you several opportunities to start this new chapter in your journey.  I hope you decide to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.  If you do, I will be here as well to help any way I can. 

Early in my career, I heard Zig Ziglar speak several times and even read a few of his books.  The quote on my homepage is my all-time favorite.  If you take this shot, as Zig used to always say,

“I’ll See You At The Top!”

Steve Tuggle

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