Starting A Blog For Beginners – For Fun And Profit

You would have to be Rumpelstiltskin to not have heard the term “blog” or “blogging”.  It seems like everyone is doing it and everyone is talking about it.  So why should I be interested in reading about starting a blog for beginners?  Why all the hoopla about blogging?  Isn’t it just writing?  Weren’t we finished with that after 12th grade English?

I bet just like me, you remember all those rules like “never end a sentence with a preposition”, and “avoid double negatives”.  Or how about when to use “who/whom” and “neither/nor” and “whether the quotes go before or after the period”?  Who wants to go back to 12th grade and re-learn all that stuff? 

But with all these millions of blogs and bloggers, maybe there is something to this.  It’s possible that all these people can’t be wrong.  So how about hanging around for a few more minutes.  You might learn something new, and that’s usually not a bad thing.

Why You Should Be Interested in Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog for Beginners - Scrabble "Blog"First – Starting a blog is fun.  The stories you tell are about whatever interests you.  With 4 Billion people on the web, there are probably lots of other people interested in those same things.

You get to tell the stories in your special way.  While writing your blog, you can talk about special expertise you have developed or a special way of doing something that most people don’t know.  You get to control what is said and how you say it.  Because, after all, it’s your blog.

Second – If you get good at it and talk about things lots of people care about, you can make money with your blog. It could be a little bit of money or a lot of money.  In some cases, it could even be “life-changing” money.

Third – What you do with your blog is totally up to you.  And any rewards, financial or otherwise, totally depend on you, how much time you want to spend and how much work you decide to do.  You are the boss of your blog.

But Isn’t It Still Writing?  I’m not a Good Writer.

Okay, let’s talk about that.  And remember, we are talking about starting a blog for beginners.

First – Blogging doesn’t care about rules.  You can end every sentence with a preposition if you want to.  And you can use slang, even misspelled slang.  And if it helps you get your point across, you can even make up new words.  You can say things in a way that would make your English teacher roll over in her grave.  If you’re starting a blog as a beginner, you get to make the rules that you want to follow.

New Technology Makes it Much Easier to Tell Your Story

Second – Blogging isn’t necessarily writing.  With today’s technology, you can speak the entire post into your phone, save it as a text or PDF, and then upload it to your website.  Then you open a great editing program like Grammarly, and it corrects all the language errors as well as spelling and punctuation.  But even then, you can tell Grammarly to ignore the rules.

  Or even better, get your camera, some inexpensive lighting equipment, and a good microphone, and record the whole thing as a YouTube video.  Lots of people all over the world are doing that too.  And making plenty of money at it.

You Don’t Have To Be A Writer!

Third, as my friend and trainer Kyle says,

The thing that most people stress about is being a “writer”.  You DO NOT have to be a writer to be successful online.  You simply need to communicate with your audience, the same way that you would with a friend or a family member.

And Kyle ought to know.  He’s been doing this successfully for more than 20 years.  In summary, here are some of the reasons you might want to start a blog.

  • It can be fun – You get to talk about what you want;
  • You might just make a little extra money;
  • What you do or don’t do is all up to you;
  • You make all the rules that you want to follow;
  • There is a lot of new technology that makes it easy to create posts;
  • We aren’t writing – We are communicating with current and future friends.

Doesn’t all that sound better than you thought a few minutes ago?

Are You Thinking About Starting A Blog Now?

If so, here are some things you need to get started right:

  1. Training – There is a whole lot more to it than writing or dictating a blog or filming a short video.  Six months from now, you will know how to do lots of things you have never even heard of today.  But you have to have the best available training to get there.
  2. Website resources – Everything you need to build, manage, and improve a website to host your blog.  This will sound a little difficult at first.  But that is only because you won’t be familiar with many of the terms.  But again, six months from now you will wonder what all the fuss is about.
  3.  Someone to answer all your questions and help when you hit a rough patch.  Experienced people you can talk to and who have been right where you are and walked in your shoes.
  4.  The best tools are available to make your job as easy as possible.  For example, “keywords” are words or phrases that people type into Google and other search engines to find stuff.  If you knew the most popular keywords on any given topic, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to know what to write about?  That is where a great research tool would come in very handy.
  5.  And wouldn’t it be great if you could try all this out for free to see if you even liked this idea?

Where do I get all this great help?

Every single one of those 5 items, plus much more is available to members of Wealthy Affiliate.  Including the Free part!  If you are interested in starting a blog for beginners, there is no better place to get everything you need to create a successful business.  You can read about the World Class Training here.  You can learn about building a website here

As far as having someone to answer your questions, how about more than 250,000 fellow members?  That is the Wealthy Affiliate Community, and the help I’ve received from them is nothing short of amazing.  I wrote this post saying that I think the WA Community is the number one benefit of joining.

I also wrote a post titled Jaaxy, Best Keyword Research Tool for Google.  When you are competing against the world, you need the best tools in the world.  And that is what you get from Kyle and Carson, and Wealthy Affiliate.

Didn’t You Say Something About Free?  Yes, I did.

Wealthy Affiliate has two levels of membership – Premium, and Starter.  The Premium membership comes with up to 50 websites (although I have 3, and right now it is more than I can handle).  Premium membership also comes with unlimited access to training, and the Wealthy Affiliate Community (including Kyle and Carson, the co-founders, who each has over 20 years experience).  And finally, every premium member has an instant membership to Jaaxy Lite, which I use several times a week to find awesome keywords as the basis for new blog posts.

The Starter membership has limited access to most of those features.  But the real benefit is that you can remain as a starter member as long as it takes you to decide whether or not this blogging thing is for you.  There is no 30-day trial or any time limitation.  And the second-best part of being a starter member is that you are never asked for your credit card info.

If that is second best, what is the best part of the starter membership?  You get to create two money-making professional websites free!  And you absolutely can use all the resources to make money with your free starter membership.

Here is a table comparing all the benefits of the two membership options:

Starting a blog for beginners. Table of Wealthy Affiliate membership options and benefits.

*** In the above table, it says the price for Premium Membership costs $49 per month.  But there are a couple of other options.  1: If you purchase an annual membership, the cost is just $359 per year.  That is a savings of $229 per year (almost 40%).  2: If you convert your starter membership to premium within the first 7 days, the first-month price is reduced to only $19.  A pretty good deal, but not nearly as good as the annual membership.  I chose to pay by the year and save the $229.

Do You Have More Questions?

That’s okay.  This is a lot to take in all at once.  Which is why Kyle and Carson offer the free Starter membership.  They know that there are a whole lot of scammers out there with too-good-to-be-true offers.  And virtually every one of those get-rich-quick-scams comes with a very short time limit.  Lots of them expire when you leave the offer site.  They force you to decide right there on the spot.

Wealthy Affiliate knows the value they bring to the table.  They know they don’t need to use high-pressure tactics.  If you try us out, we are confident you will recognize the “real deal”.  Wealthy Affiliate is the Real Deal – the “Right Stuff”.

Start Your Free Membership Today

So click here to join Wealthy Affiliate with your Free Starter Membership.  Kick the tires.  Take us out for a spin.  Attend the training, build your free websites, start posting to your free blog, check out the chats, ask all the questions you like, use Jaaxy to find “killer” keywords, and start seeing how you can have fun and make money with your very own blog.

And when you join through my affiliate link in this or any other article on my site, in addition to everything already mentioned, you get personal access to and help from me.  I will be with you every step of the way, encouraging you, answering your questions, and cheering all your progress and success.

And if you do, as my favorite speaker, Zig Ziglar used to say at the end of every presentation,

“I’ll See You At The Top!”

Steve Tuggle

Please leave me a comment or question below.  Thanks for your kind attention, and I wish you good fortune and God’s speed.

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10 thoughts on “Starting A Blog For Beginners – For Fun And Profit”

  1. Hi I really enjoyed your post. You make blogging sound easy and fun.  I like the way you write, your post is easy to read and your words are very inviting.  Also your words about the scammers with their get rich quick schemes who disappear once they have your money is so true.  I agree that Wealthy Affiliate brings “the Real Deal” Value to the table.  I am also a WA member and I started out for free.  I am so amazed at how much I have learned, and I have gained so many new skills and so much knowledge since I started.  I will never look back.  This is my best career move Ever. Thank you for your realistic and down to earth post!   Best wishes with your own Online Adventure!!! 

    • I have been waiting, hoping I would be able to find out your real name to respond. But I’ve had no luck, so “smac”, thanks so much for your interesting comment about my post. I especially like that you can back me up about the free starter membership. If you enjoyed my writing it is because I really enjoy putting these articles together. And when I start out with what I know is a great keyword (thanks to Jaaxy), it gives me the confidence to really go for it.

      There are so many valuable components of Wealthy Affiliate that you just don’t realize until you get here and start seeing them in action. The cost of the membership is nothing in comparison to the value we receive in return. Right after I submitted this request for comments, Kyle, himself commented on one of my posts. And as usual, the comment made lots of sense. He said I should embrace all of the comments because they “give you more ammunition to create elaborate responses. Something to consider here.”

      I don’t know how long you have been a member, but you have really grasped the whole concept and you understand the value we have with Kyle, Carson, and the entire Wealthy Affiliate Team. Keep learning and growing and before long “I’ll see you at the Top!”

  2. Hi, Gomer here, one of the happy members of Wealthy Affiliate. I can say that if it weren’t for WA, maybe I’d still be holding onto my dream to be a blogger online. I was very afraid that I would not write well with an article. 

    I’m from the Philippines and although English is a popular language here in our country, it’s just a secondary language. So you can imagine how hesitant Filipinos are with regard to writing in plain English in a blog post. But thanks to WA, I got over my hesitations and started writing through its Site Content writing facility. 

    So, if anyone of you out there is hesitating for the same reasons I had, don’t worry. WA has got you covered.

    • Gomer, I’m so glad you read my article and left this fabulous comment. It points out so many benefits that I was overlooking. Dreams are great, but without the proper tools, training, and encouragement, they just remain dreams. I appreciate you pointing this out to our readers.

      Your point about the benefits of Site Content is also very helpful. Site Content is a platform designed specifically to bring all the tools needed to prepare professional-looking blog posts. In addition to all the writing and proofing tools, it makes over 1 million images available and helps place those images in the right place with the right look and feel.

      Regardless of why anyone is hesitating, Wealthy Affiliate has got us all covered! If anyone has a question, please reply to this comment.

  3. Great information about starting a blog.  You make some good points about the advantages of starting a blog and having fun doing it.  Properly monetizing a blog can be very profitable.

    Telling your story in your own words and in your own unique way is what it takes to successfully maintain a blog.  YouTube videos are also a great way to go in order to get yourself estalished in a niche market by providing value to others.  

    Communicating from the heart with the intention of providing solutions to people’s problems and pains is a very worthwhile endeavor.  Making money having fun and helping others is very enjoyable, and Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a very good online training platform to accomplish all this.  Thanks for your insights.

    • Joseph, you make some excellent points. If you can’t have fun with your blog, then you will simply lose interest, stop writing, and give up. So enjoying the content creation process is an absolute necessity. That’s why I write the way I do.

      Have you created any YouTube videos yet? I have not, although I have acquired the recommended lighting and sound equipment. Total cost was under $100 USD.

      I really like the way Kyle describes a niche in plain English – “A niche is a bunch of people looking for stuff”! Even I can understand that.? So we try to understand what it is they are looking for and help them find it.

      I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliate, and I appreciate the positive comments. Hopefully, others will read my post, see the supportive comments, and decide to give us a try.

  4. What an excellent blog post! I really enjoyed reading this. Quite inspiring and very informative. The table comparing prices is particularly helpful. It’s really good to know about the Jaaxy options as well. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and have been for 9 years. I hope lots of people take you up on this because it is so worth it. Thanks for posting.

    • Tania, I am grateful that a person with your experience chose to comment on my post. And I’m glad you had fun reading it because I had fun creating it.

      That table comparing options shows the transparency that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the rest of the field. They are completely transparent in every communication. When a person joins Wealthy Affiliate, they know exactly what they are paying and what they are receiving. In addition, there are no pie-in-the-sky promises. They say up front, many times that creating an online business with Wealthy Affiliate is not going to be fast or easy.

      And it is a real testimony when someone with many years’ experience is still so positive about the benefits. Thanks again for your help.

  5. Thank you for your article about starting a blog for beginners. I am a beginner in affiliate marketing platform so I must say it is a very important article for me. Thanks for your detailed description about wealthy affiliate site. I became a premium member last month. It is a great platform to learn affiliate marketing. The people in this online community are really helpful and very supportive. Thank you again for the article. It makes me feel like I came to the right place. 

    • Hey Fahim. Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I hope you find as I have the amazing benefits of this incredible platform. I have learned so much about websites, keywords, blogging, and everything else since I rejoined 7 months ago. There are many things I understand now that I didn’t even know existed before I started. Seven months ago I would not have even known what questions to ask!

      I’m very glad you found my post helpful. Please let me know how I can help in the future.


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