The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO is Jaaxy!

Hello again.  This is the fourth article in my series about my experiences with Wealthy Affiliate.  This one is all about Keywords and how to find the best ones.  The best keyword research tool for SEO is Jaaxy. This article will be devoted to Jaaxy and the substantial resources provided to Wealthy Affiliate members.

Jaaxy was created and developed by Wealthy Affiliate, and it is made available as part of our Premium membership. It is without a doubt, the best such tool on the planet. Keywords are words or phrases typed into Google by people all over the world.  Simply stated, keywords help us find stuff.  And people type keywords into Google nearly 6 billion times per day.

When writing a post or creating a video, my number one goal is to make sure lots of people find and read or watch what I spent time producing.  It helps to know what they are looking for and how they are looking.  This starts with knowing what words or phrases people are typing into their preferred search engine.  Many of these searches are looking for products or services in your niche.  So it is vital to your success to help them find you.  That sounds pretty simple, but there is nothing simple about finding just the right keywords to bring traffic to your site.

You don’t want to compete with 5,000 other sites for ranking on Google page 1.  At the same time, you need keywords that produce hundreds of searches per day.  The combination of a high number of searches and low competition is ideal. And Jaaxy is the tool that helps us succeed.

Are Keywords Really Important?

Jaaxy example - Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Do you need to be concerned about keywords?  Why can’t we just write a great title and article and expect that to draw readers to our sites?  The short answer is a question – How will your readers and target audience find you? Because they will be typing search terms into Google.

As an example, say you want to write an article on “natural ways to relieve arthritis pain”.  And you select the title “Arthritis Natural Pain Relief”.  Could you also have used the title “Natural Arthritis Pain Relief”?  They pretty much say the same thing, right?  Perhaps, but not according to Jaaxy.

Only 56 searches a month look for your first title.  But change the position of the first two words, and you get 217 searches instead of 56 – almost 4 times as many searches.  Wouldn’t you have liked to know that before you published?  Imagine how much more in potential earnings you would get with the second title.

Why Do We Need The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO?

Now it’s time to bring up the most important acronym in online marketing.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Conceptually, it is very simple.  Find the words or phrases people type into Google (and other search platforms) to find your niche.  Then make sure you “optimize” your chances by including those keywords in the title and body of your article.

Google has amazing data available from all searches posted going back decades.  That is information you can use to create just the right content and find just the right products your target audience is craving. And doesn’t it make sense to have access to the best keyword research tool for Google?

Keyword Research - Magnifying Glass
Keyword Research often involves looking very closely at small differences.

The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO Makes the Difference

So where do you find that precious info that sets you apart from all the rest?  Where did I find out that switching two words in a title can have such a dramatic effect on results?  That information comes from Jaaxy, the best keyword research tool for SEO and the number one website ranking tool available in the world.

You might be saying, “My gosh!  A tool like that has to be expensive, and exclusive.  How would I ever afford something like that?”  The answer will amaze you.  You can try it out for free.  It is just one of several key benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate.  And as I said, you can Start For Free.  You don’t even need to give your credit card information.

Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy Are SEO Experts

On my site, I have 3 other articles that explain each of the most important benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.  This keyword research tool is a true difference-maker.  My mentor has said there is a joke about where to bury a dead body where no one will find it?  On page 2 of Google search results.

The vast majority (75+%) of searchers never look past page 1.  The people who rank at the top of the search results are there for a reason.  They were able to combine all their website assets in such a way as to attract more searchers than anyone else.  And they aren’t fools.  They don’t want to miss anyone, and they certainly don’t want to let potential customers pass them and do business with someone else.  That is why it is so important to have the best keyword research tool for SEO. You simply have to rank on the first page of search results for your keyword.

That is Good Stuff.  How Does It Work?

Dashboard of the best keyword research tool for Google

This is a screenshot of the Jaaxy Dashboard.  As you can see there are many options for finding the information you need.  Start by entering a search keyword that connects with your business. That will produce a list of keywords related to your entered keyword.

Beside that will be 5 columns with very important statistics.  This information is what makes this the best keyword search tool for Google. For each keyword, you will see:

  •  Average searches per month
  • Estimated traffic to your site
  • Number of competitors
  • Ranking of the keyword
  • a Quality index number

In the next diagram, this will make more sense.  But as you can imagine, if there are lots of searches and few competitors, this could be a great keyword.  You would have a much higher chance of ranking on page 1 of Google search results.  That is the primary goal.

Jaaxy Search Results Example

Above, I selected the keyword “country to retire”.  This keyword is important to one of my businesses.  The chart shows only the top 3 results.  There were many more.  On the first keyword, I see 986 average searches per month and 100 competitors.  And Jaaxy rates this keyword great.  But look at the bottom.  For “10 cheapest countries to retire”, there are 354 average monthly searches and only 4 competitors.  That looks like an awesome keyword.  I would click the block beside the keyword and save it to a list for further analysis.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership includes Access to the Best Keyword Search Tool for Google

The best way to discover the tremendous value of Jaaxy is to sign up for free membership.  And remember that Jaaxy is just one of several important benefits of membership.  I invite you to read my other articles that discuss the World Class Training, The importance and value of the Community of Wealthy Affiliate members, and the resources at your disposal to select your Niche, Target Audience, and build your professional-looking website.

There is so much more to the Jaaxy platform.  As the dashboard above shows, you can use Jaaxy to:

  • Track historical rankings and monitor your website authority
  • Create and Manage powerful lists of keywords
  • Analyze your competition and discover SEO trends
  • Uncover millions of niches and keywords
  • And much more

Go for it.  Try it out right now.

Steve Tuggle

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